Security Consultancy

Security Consultancy


Link-8 Security provides consulting services to both private sector and government clients. Our services include the design, implementation and management of risk mitigation solutions from the ground up. The objective of our approach is to ensure your organisation’s senior management can make informed decisions about how to reduce commercial and financial risks, whilst protecting brand and reputation.

We have proven experience in high-risk expeditionary environments as well as in emerging markets and offer clients a world-class service. This ensures your organisation benefits from first world protection, support and systems in environments where these facilities may be lacking.

We act as an on the ground business enabler, assisting you with all phases of the business, from start-up to sustainment and ongoing management. Link-8 identifies the priorities, the options, estimated costs and the commercial benefits of each phase. Our approach is to deliver success on client investment and create a sustainable and competitive advantage for your company in emerging markets.

Security Risk Management: Our state-of-the-art risk mitigation solutions focus on improving existing, or legacy, security measures. Link-8 will conduct an audit of your existing systems and technologies. We will then recommend an update and integration path for systems and procedures to align with tried and tested security technologies. These solutions provide the client with a robust, integrated suite of measures that reduce overall organisational risk.

Crisis Planning and Incident Management: Link-8 offers clients the strategic planning tools necessary to improve existing plans, or establish superior crisis and emergency response strategies. Our approach results in the development of possible scenarios and incident management plans in areas where your assets or infrastructure may be exposed to high-risk business threats. We can also manage response and recovery, should you require these services.