Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation


Link-8 Security is a Risk Management company with proven expertise in providing customised and sustainable solutions to protect people and property in challenging work environments.

Ourhighly regarded Investigations division has significant expertise and experience in assisting clients faced with serious misconduct, prejudicial behaviour, criminal acts or significant regulatory, governance or compliance failings,

Drawing on our global experience and regional focus acquired from our advisory base of operatives and consultants with extensive special forces, law enforcement, insurance, legal and security backgrounds, we provide a comprehensive range of investigatory services including:

  • Investigation management and planning
  • Evidentiary assessment, gathering and protection
  • Surveillance and counter surveillance
  • Witness management and information protection
  • Case Management
  • Liaison with law enforcement, government, commercial and private agencies (as necessary)

Our investigators have extensive military, enforcement agency or legal backgroundswith significant ASIAN specific case management experience and investigations. This diversity of experience is complemented by our multi-lingual business delivery capability, 24 hour control centre and political risk analysts to ensure a discreet, best in class solution tailored to the needs of each individual client.

The services we offer have wide corporate and personal application and these include:

Legal Facilitation

Legal matters often require a degree of services to be provided that are often beyond the ambit of legal practices. This includes information gathering and sanitisation, asset protection and recovery as well as client security. However, in any such legal context, any such investigatory services require strict adherence to legal requirement and procedure to ensure such actions do not compromise any subsequent legal proceedings. Our investigative services in this regard are fully au fait with legal requirements and underpinned by our adherence to “legal consequence management”.

Litigation Support

The success of a legal action may turn on the quality of the information held by each party. With ourglobal reach and investigative expertise, Link-8Security can offer a crucial competitive advantage. Our investigators can help assess, validate or gather information to support our clients’ claims. Support services include:

  • Identification of facts and witnesses
  • Formal interviewing of witnesses and suspects
  • Obtaining witness statements
  • Conducting process reviews
  • Profiling individuals and identifying assets in support of recovery actions
  • Identifying relevant data for analysis

We can assist with the gathering and presentation of evidence for a range of proceedings: tribunals, regulatory, civil and criminal actions. Evidence is obtained on behalf of our client ensuring that its provenance is accurate and admissible in the relevant jurisdiction.

Protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and Brand

Link-8 Security seeks to assist and ensure clients maintain their brand integrity and protect their Intellectual Property. We offer both proactive and reactive brand protection services:

Investigations – in-country enquiries and evidence-gathering, including market surveys, overt and discreet investigations in cooperation with the client’s internal resources

Intellectual property (IP) security audits– as brands are required to entrust IP to third parties, Link-8 Security conducts in-depth reviews of external suppliers’ policies, procedures and physical security, assessing them against the standards required by our client

Supplier due diligence– specialist teams are able to conduct detailed but discreet due diligence investigations into companies and carry out pre-employment screening of key individuals to whom the brand is entrusted

Supply chain security– because products can be compromised or stolen at any point during the supply chain cycle, Link-8 Security has advisors who can deploy to provide investigators, security design consultants and maritime / aviation security consultants wherever necessary to support clients regionally or globally.

Corporate Fraud

Link-8 Securityworks with clients to investigate fraudulent incidents or attacks and prevent their recurrence. We help to identify the people responsible for fraud, secure evidence for disciplinary or legal action, and trace and recover stolen assets. Investigations will be conducted through discreet physical and / or electronic surveillance to obtain the evidence required to enable the client to take action against the fraudulent party.

Undercover or infiltration involves the deployment of an investigator to work within the company or have access to systems that will specifically target an individual resulting in obtaining information and evidence to support the client’s case for prosecution. Sophisticated equipment will be deployed to facilitate the extraction of information. This involves a compilation of data sourced through unbiased evaluations of customer service standards, by deployed investigators (posing as customers or company employees), and other more discreet means.

It is important to recognise the potential threat and damages that a discontented employee can do. Therefore an organisation or employer must be proactive and set up internal systems and processes to detect improper activities and to counter fraudulent activities. Link-8 Security offers advisory services and contingency plans to clients in order to prevent such activities from occurring. Link-8 Security also offer these services “after an event” to implement controls and policy to reduce the likelihood of future risk. We work across all sectors of industry and in a variety of jurisdictions, using our understanding of what motivates people to commit commercial crime. Link-8 Security is capable of assisting companies or entities who are experiencing commercially sensitive problems beyond fraud:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Leaks of sensitive information
  • Breaches of codes of behaviour and conduct
  • Asset misappropriation

Our advisors, case managers and consultants draw on experience acquired in law enforcement, the legal profession, financial and accounting sector and security.

Pre-Employment Checks

This includes the verification of a potential employee’s life history, financial check (bankruptcy and asset search), marital status check, and lifestyle check amongst others. The degree of detail of these checks will be based on the client’s due diligence requirement. Link-8 Security are also able to conduct interviews with potential employees to gather information which we be converted into a comprehensive report on the individuals / candidates credibility and / or suitability.

Matrimonial and Pre-marital Investigation

Matrimonial investigation includes infidelity investigation and pre-marital checks. Investigators will conduct surveillance and gather the necessary facts that can either dispute or enforce client’s suspicion. In pre-marital investigations, the focus is in discovering the true nature and character of a spouse-to-be before the marriage vows are taken. Some of the information that the investigator will focus on are past marriages, any existing children, history of mental or physical illnesses and employment status or history. These activities are discreet and low profile.

Monitoring Individuals

Link-8 Security provides comprehensive services to monitorindividuals of relevance to our client or those under suspicion. These investigation cover background checks, identifying an individual’s network of associatesand/or friends and their typical 24 hour daily activities with a view to identifying any involvement in all criminal activities, drug and alcohol abuse, violence or behaviour deemed inappropriate for our clients. Where younger persons are involved additional areas of truancy, underage smoking, illegal activity or inappropriate relationships will be included. Such monitoring is carried out within legal guidelines and with the utmost discretion.

The Link-8 Differentiators

At Link-8, we are committed to providing a level of service excellence unparralled in the industry due to our unique mix of services and expertise including:

  • Highly regarded senior management and operatives with diverse law enforcement and military special forces backgrounds
  • Extensive support services
  • International reach
  • Local experience, contacts and operating experience and expertise
  • In-house legal and accounting professionals


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